Last year’s Valentine raffle was the surprise success of the year. It sold out in days, earning $1,500 for Library programs and needs. We not only want to repeat that success; we want to do better. Instead of 300 tickets, we want to sell 1,000! Instead of $1,500, we’re aiming for $5,000!

Raffles are a significant part of the Friends fundraising activities, with up to 3 raffles a year planned. The Valentine raffle is the first for 2020. Raffles provide more opportunities for more people to contribute more to our community library. But we can’t continue to provide these opportunities without our committed members and volunteers. We don’t know how long 1,000 tickets will take to sell, so we must plan sales right up to Valentine’s Day eve.

Please help make the Valentine raffle and all our raffles a success. How?      

  • volunteer your time to sell tickets
  • encourage your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to buy tickets
  • encourage your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to volunteer with the Friends
  • join a raffle planning team, when future opportunities arise

Future raffles will provide more opportunities for all our members and volunteers to work with a board member in the planning stages of each raffle. While it is true that “many hands make light work,” sometimes that is not enough. To make the work even lighter, then, the Friends has planning guidelines and resources to assist the raffle planning teams and a raffles coordinator to give additional assistance to each team.

Together we can raise more funds to support our wonderful Strathcona County Library. Let’s make the Valentine raffle 2020 as successful as last year: let’s make it a sell out!