Warm Autumn greetings Friends.  The leaves are turning falling.

     We want to let you know that Friends of the Strathcona County Library is still here and looking forward to returning to action.  We, like you, have been in a rather isolated state while Covid-19 is dealt with.  The much anticipated reopening of the County Library was a great step forward during these trying times.  However, our fund raising events remain on hold and cannot be entertained while the health restrictions relating to Covid-19 are in place.

     Friends of the Strathcona County Library Board Members met with our library liaisons in August to discuss the impact of our current situation.  Financially, FSCL is in good standing and, for now, can continue to support the library with our previous commitments.

     We are looking at a few new ideas for fund raising events, and/or tweaking things we have done in the past.  But, for now, we have nothing scheduled for the remainder of the year.  At our last meeting with the Sherwood Park Mall management, they felt that our Christmas Gift Wrap event would most likely have to be cancelled for 2020.

     We know you are out there, loyal Friends, and awaiting the opportunity to do something worthwhile with your time.  You will be the first to hear from us when the situation changes and we begin to plan our next fund raiser event for our much loved  Strathcona County Library.

 Until then, stay healthy and happy and read on………