Hello, Friends – New Year’s News

Friends is back! As many of you are aware, the pandemic curtailed the activities of Friends of Strathcona County Library but we are active again and look forward to renewing old friendships, gaining new ones and supporting the Library through fund raising events again.

We are also undergoing some changes at the board level as many on our current board will complete their terms (some multiple terms) at our AGM in May of 2023. Your board has been engaged in re-structuring so that we can ensure that we have volunteers who are ready and able to take on new roles and we have a succession planning model that ensures the continuity of Friends.

If you are interested in one of the new board roles, I urge you to contact the re-engagement team to apply for one of the positions so that in May we have a full slate of candidates to present to the AGM for approval.

Any members of the current board are welcome to apply for a new position in our “working” board structure or just to continue as active volunteers within the Society. All volunteers are valued and welcome.

Proposed Board structure:
President: Vice-president Wendy Saunders will move to presidency
Vice-President: Cristina Rathjen will be nominated as vice-president
Past-president: Ron Dick
Treasurer: Open
Secretary: Open
Membership Coordinator (2 positions): new positions open
Events Coordinator (2 positions): new positions open
Communication/Marketing Coordinator (2 positions): new positions open
Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator (2 positions): new positions open
Director at Large: Open

Most terms will be 2-years with some being three in order to implement a mentoring strategy for succession planning. Each coordinator position will have a partner to share the work and the ability to convene a team to help with specific requirements. Candidates will be recruited based on skills and experience. Positions descriptions are available for all positions on request.

This is a new direction for Friends but one we hope will bring in a wide demographic of volunteers to plan and organize activities and manage our organization as a dynamic presence in the community. It will take time to build but we hope it will ensure the continuity of the special support Friends has provided over the years to the Library. So please consider being part of this exciting new direction and get involved. Our volunteers have many talents – this is a chance to use them for a very good cause. We would also like to thank all members of our current board for the work they have done over their term(s). This organization only works because of our committed and enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you all and I invite you to indicate your interest in any of the new positions.

Re-engagement team contact: https://friendsscl.ca/contact/


Wendy Saunders

Vice-President, Friends of Strathcona County Library Society