Nominate a volunteer!

Nominations are open for the 2024 Muriel Abdurahman Volunteer Award and will close Friday, Apr 5.

The Muriel Abdurahman Volunteer Award is presented annually to a deserving volunteer or volunteer group associated with Strathcona County Library. The recipients may not necessarily be the most widely known volunteers at the library, or the longest serving volunteers, but the recipients will be volunteers with passion and commitment for the work that they do. Award recipients will have their names engraved onto a plaque that remains within the Strathcona County Library.

This award was created to honour the vision and commitment that the late Muriel Abdurahman brought to her role– first as a volunteer member of the Strathcona County Library Board, then as the Board Chair. Muriel led with an incredible can-do attitude and the ability to engage others in working together to achieve this vision. She went above and beyond the traditional definition of “volunteer”, and she represents the epitome of the best that volunteers offer to Strathcona County Library.

The Library Board has an ad hoc committee to make decisions about the presentation of the award, which will be meeting in early April to review the nominees, make a selection, and bring that selection to the full Board for ratification at the April 15 meeting. 

To nominate, please email for a nomination form.