Our Vision

All residents of Strathcona County will have the opportunity to contribute to the continued development of the Strathcona County Library as an integral part of the community, enhancing the lives and well-being of everyone.

The Friends are a group of individuals committed to the idea that a local, public library plays a vital part in the life of its community. Our library helps the children of our community. Its early literacy program encourages parents to bond with their baby over books, rhymes and songs, to begin reading to their children and help them build a life-long reading habit. The very extensive children’s collection helps create of strong base for language, vocabulary, and literacy skills that are necessary for later success in school and life. Our library helps students with their education by enabling access to information they would otherwise have to forgo or go further afield for. It helps young and older adults looking for new careers, including helping them craft their resumes. It helps seniors keep their minds active and to continue to be a contributing part of our community. Individuals helped in these ways themselves enhance the life and well-being of the whole of Strathcona County, bringing a better way of life to all county residents.

But the library in turn needs the support of the community. While governments supply the bulk of the operating budget and corporations and other large donors supply funds for major initiatives, the smaller enhancements that make the library such a pleasure to be in are often left unfunded. The Friends can make these smaller enhancements possible. In doing so, the Friends also make it possible for all County residents, regardless of personal circumstances, to help through volunteering their time raising funds, supporting our fundraising events, or making direct donations.

To pursue this vision, the Friends of Strathcona County Library Society was established as a public foundation and registered charity in 1993.